Carrying the Code-Kate Woodward

We love the community that Code of Living creates in the summertime at Cheley. And it is always our hope that our campers and staff carry it with them into their lives back home. We would like to put a shout out to past camper, Kate Woodward for “Carrying the Code”

This spring Kate attended a leadership summit in Ethiopia with African Leadership, an organization she has been interning with for the last year. She has contributed unpaid time and effort to the project and was rewarded with the trip to go as a Relationship Manager with the organization. She decided to extend her stay for an additional month to volunteer in Nairobi, Kenya working with women and children in Kibera (the largest slum in Nairobi). She will spend the weekdays working at a school, Saturdays going to church with her host family and participating in a women’s ministry, and Sundays leading a women’s economic empowerment group to create scarves for sale at “fashionABLE” a U.S. website, as there are many website on the net, even sites with adult material when you can find galleries like CelebMasta and others. Other people decide to find online girls with different social media as snapchat.

You can follow Kate’s experience on her blog.

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