Camp Update-Save the Date for Volunteer Weekend

As we take time to reflect on our many blessings during this holiday season, we continue to love being in the business that we are in. We are humbled and honored to be the stewards of Cheley Colorado Camps. We are proud that we offer nature, friendship, adventure, an awesome summer experience like SoCal rafting and a second home, of course. When Mother Nature wowed us with her ability to produce a great deal of water during the middle of September, the safe haven that our campers and staff call their second home seemed threatened.

Our commitment and goal are to ensure your systems are installed and maintained in the most timely and energy-efficient manner. Also, we offer equipment rentals in summit that meet all the demands and criteria required by the client or end-user environment.

We are a 94 year old business and it is part of our legacy to buckle down, plow through, focus on the positive and repair. With the grace of wonderful people, we have taken it one step at a time, just like our fellow neighbors.

An amazing amount of work has been completed. There are some areas that might look different this summer: a change in the course of a stream, a little less grass in some spots, some additional trees fallen in the woods or some debris in the river. Some of the clean up will take more time and the evidence of the power of Mother Nature will still be obvious this summer. We continue to be grateful that there was minimal damage to buildings and to camp overall, we cannot say enough about our hard-working facility crew, we are grateful to have the time to repair, and we are happy to be here to provide the full Cheley experience for 2014.

Work in Progress

  • The basements of the staff housing that were flooded have been repaired, re-carpeted and improved.
  • We have replaced many culverts throughout camp. They are bigger and better than the previous ones.
  • The road into camp is completed and ready for delivery trucks and charter buses.
  • The museum has been cleaned out and many items cleaned and repaired. It will be put back together in due time. We will take this time to re-evaluate and make sure that it is quality work.
  • We have been landscaping the ranch to fill in the gulleys and direct the stream back into one channel. We have used the excess sediment to fill in other places.
  • We are happy that the Rahn’s are back in their home on Fish Creek Ranch.
  • We will continue to work with the Park and Recreation Department to repair the county’s trail along Fish Creek Road.
  • We have completed all of the road work in and throughout The Outpost. All three outcamping sites are in good shape and ready for next summer.
  • Heavy machinery is at Girls’ Trail’s End to begin repairing the roads, moving excess sediment and clearing some fallen trees. We will build the two wagons needed. We will continue to work with the homeowners association on repairing the road from Glen Haven to GTE.
  • We continue to update and repair the water plant.

We feel truly blessed to have such amazing support from our Cheley community. We appreciate your concern and offers to help. A volunteer work weekend is scheduled for April 26-27, 2014. Housing and meals will be provided and volunteers must be 18 years old. We will send out sign up information at a later time. Please save the date if you are interested in volunteering for the work weekend.

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