New Shoes

Ever wonder what it takes to get all of our 150 horses shod? Last week we hosted our annual Shoeing Camp and brought in 6 shoers from Colorado who stayed here and worked hard all day putting on the horses’ shoes. Our youngest official shoer just graduated from high school and our oldest shoer is in his mid-80s. The Clymer family has three generations represented with Dennis (grandfather), Clint (Son), and Jeremiah and Colton (grandsons, Colton at age 8. Photographed). Jeremiah was a camper at Cheley when he was younger.

It takes about half an hour to shoe each horse. Some are easier to shoe than others. They put shoes on our 150 horses in about 4 and half days. The shoes should stay on for 8-10 weeks. How long they stay on often depends on the type of ground conditions we have and how much the horse is used. It’s not uncommon towards the end of 2nd term to hear the shoes start clinking around a bit indicating that they are loose. If a horse still has shoes on once he is done being used for the summer, then we just pull them off before the horse is turned out to pasture for the winter.

By Kim Betts, HR manager Cheley Colorado Camps

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