After all it’s up to you

“The future “dew-dryers” for all the world are the young explorers who have caught a vision of what they might accomplish with one little life and who are determined in their heart of hearts that they shall not be at all satisfied with small petty games or with little selfish self-seeking achievements;  young folks who have tasted real life at its best and are living it every day for all that there is in them; young people everywhere who consider their lives as a trust to be used for the uplift of humanity along any one of a thousand different lines of endeavor, young people who have seen visions and dreamed dreams of the things that are yet to be.” –Frank H. Cheley, “After All It’s Up To You.”

Yesterday I began reading Frank H. Cheley’s book, “After All It’s Up To You” that he wrote in 1935. It is a book about leadership and the value of people’s potential. The principles that Frank speaks about in his book are actively being taught around camp and I believe that it is a great lesson that we are instilling in our youth. At Cheley Colorado Camps we encourage the campers to be leaders or “Dew-Dryers” as Frank would call them. Leadership and success are not defined by strength, wealth or material items. “Success does not lie in what you have, but in what you are; not in one’s ability to get, but in one’s ability to give.” Our campers are taught that to be a good leader you must be a good role model to others and serve others to the best of their ability. If someone is not benefiting others and creating a better world for future generations their value is lost. Whether it’s having a positive attitude on the basketball court, assisting a fellow camper on a hike or sharing advice with the younger units, our campers are putting into practice the values that will make them into great leaders.  “Real and lasting success is entirely a matter of living up to ideals- honesty, integrity and neighborly kindness; a staunch belief that right is right and wrong is wrong and that there can be no middle ground,” said Cyrus H. K. Curtis, publisher of The Ladies’ Home Journal and the Saturday Evening Post.

At Cheley the campers get to whole-heartedly participate in a variety of worth-while activities that will hopefully give them the hunger for adventure and a thirst for life. If you are looking for new pokies list them all with daily casino deposit bonus offers. The campers are encouraged to experience self-realization while at Cheley through their programs and community building activities. On the Cheley website there is a quote that says, “Campers often say that they feel more alive, more connected and more themselves at Cheley.” Cheley provides a safe and supportive atmosphere that allows our campers to reflect and learn about themselves. Understanding and loving oneself is the first step in becoming a great leader, and it is fun to watch as the campers develop into themselves and seek to become fully independent and responsible.

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Gabrielle Carrier

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