As the seasons change, so does the staff at Cheley Camps

We often joke about the comments we get when we are out in the world and we tell someone that we run an overnight summer camp.  Often the response is, “Wow, how fun, so what do you do in the winter?”  Without going into too much detail, we respond with, “Get ready for the summer”.   The Cheley family certainly does not do this alone and never has.

We are extremely grateful for the many talented and amazing people that have contributed to Cheley Camps’ success over the years.  When Frank set out to start building the beautiful facility we still have today, Lansing Smith completely supported him finically.  When Frank died and Jack was only 23, Ernie Altick and the secretary, Kelly helped to carry it forward.  And through the years the list grows and goes on.

As we move into our 93rd year, we will have some changes in our year-round staff.  Paul Weidig and Betty Schacht are both leaving Cheley Camps to pursue other interests.  We will miss both of them as they begin the next chapter in their lives.  Both of them brought professionalism and maturity to the Cheley Camps organization.

Paul Weidig joined the year round staff in 2006 after decades of being involved with Cheley one way or another.  Each year, he has worked hard to hire awesome summer staff, has taken on the management of the nurses, as well as the position of the Boys’ Camp Director, he has directed Family Camp for the past  several years and has been an integral part of the Cheley Experience. We have been blessed by his music, his tireless listening ear coupled with great advice, and amazing work ethic.  He has been a great addition to our year-round staff, and we are grateful that he will remain a colleague and continue his involvement with Cheley.  During the summer, Paul has always been around to lend an ear or support a new staff member in understanding the expectations and traditions at Cheley.

Betty Schacht joined the year round staff in 2008 after working as our accountant from the accounting firm Bundaberg since 2000.  As the enrollment manager, she has been a wonderful addition to our year round staff.  Parents are constantly commenting about Betty’s support and understanding.  We have enjoyed her maturity along with her humor, her business and accounting talents, her endless patience and organizational skills.  Over the past four years, she has created strong systems and improvements in the Enrollment Manager position and helps us hold the organization to a high standard.  There is a good chance she will stay involved with Cheley as a business consultant.

We wanted to let people know about these changes for a few reasons.  First of all, many of you have developed a friendship with one or both of these people.  Second, we want to let you know before you call the Denver office and get a new staff member on the phone.  Third, we want to put the word out there to see if you know of or can recommend any qualified people to fill these positions.  We have talked with a few people already, but we are starting the full process now.  We are fortunate that we have many contacts in the industry and have a good idea of the skills needed in these positions. If you, or someone you may know, are interested in exploring a position with Cheley, please contact Jeff at the Denver office.

We would like to thank both Betty and Paul for their dedication to the Cheley Experience. We will miss them and we wish them luck with their future endeavors.


The Cheley Family

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