Update from Cheley

The High Park fire has continued to grow but is not moving in the direction of the Trail’s End Ranches or the Land O Peaks Cheley property.

The fire has impacted some of our program areas.  Our rafting program is conducted on the Poudre River and access to that area has been closed due to the fire traffic.  Instead of rafting, we have contracted with the same company to provide access to the CSU High Ropes Course.  The campers are excited for this new adventure at Cheley.  We are also excited because it follows the scope and sequence of our programming.

The horseback riding programs at BTE and GTE have also been impacted.  The National Forest Service has closed many of the areas we ride to from BTE and GTE.  Because of these closures, we are sending the TE rides out of the Fish Creek Ranch (the Cheley ranch just before you drive into the main camp property).  Our main focus is the well-being of the campers and staff while we work to limit the impact on their activities.

We have also been monitoring a structure fire in Estes Park.  It is on the other side of town and is moving away from us.  We are also not concerned about the fire at this time (except that we know some homeowners in that area).  Many of you outside of the area will probably not hear of this fire.  We did see that DenverPost.com has a small story on the fire, and we wanted to be proactive with our communication.

Again, at this time, we are monitoring both fires and we are not concerned about Cheley properties.

The Cheley Family

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