Our mission

Dear Cheley family

“We build the lasting character and resiliency of young people, creating unique life experiences in a challenging and nurturing natural environment.”

“Great things happen when youth and mountains meet.”

Our mission guides us everyday.  We realize we have set our standards high, and it takes a diligent effort to achieve our mission every summer.  Building lasting character and resiliency can be difficult.  Resiliency is defined as “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.”  To strengthen resiliency, one has to experience challenge and change.  At Cheley, this may mean failing to reach the peak on a hike because of weather or a slow hiker in the group, or not receiving a recognition or patch because the camper did not stay focused on the goal.  It may mean falling off a horse or not getting all of your first choices for activities.  These setbacks give both campers and staff an opportunity to strengthen their resiliency.

Building resiliency helps build character.  Character is often revealed in challenging times which means there may be occasions when campers and staff have to be tested.  These tests may come in not getting along with a bunk mate, waiting out a storm in a tent all day, or struggling to ride a mountain bike up the Cheley Challenge.  Overcoming challenges teaches children that they can overcome other challenges.  Every year we hear stories of campers who have drawn on their growth from camp when they are meeting tribulations at school or with friends.  This nature of growth develops through success and failure.

Our goal this summer is to witness as many camper and staff successes as possible.  We also realize there will be some failures.  As an organization, our goal is not only to be one of the premier summer camps, but to be a shining example of an extraordinary company.  We strive to succeed in our customer service, our relationships, and our communication.  Unfortunately, there may be a few times when we will miss the mark.  I invite you, actually I beg you, please to let me know when we miss the mark.  And please let me know as soon as it happens so we can do whatever we can to fix it.  Even after 92 years in business, there are areas where we can grow and improve.  I also love to hear specific examples when our staff exceeds expectations.  I love to share those stories with the entire staff and especially the specific staff member.

In closing, I want to thank you.  To thank you for your continued support of Frank Cheley’s vision; for entrusting us with the development and growth of your children; for your belief in the impact on a child who spends time in the wilderness surrounded by strong role-models; for understanding the value of a camp experience, and thank you for spreading the word about the impact of a summer at Cheley Camps.

In these difficult economic times, we realize that families have to make tough decisions.  We feel Cheley is a valuable experience in the growth and development of a child who only has so many years to experience childhood.  As we plan for this summer, we realize we have a commitment to you to provide a magical, transformational experience for your child and your family.


Jeff Cheley and the Cheley Staff

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