The Seasons of a Camp Director

It’s March 1st. I can’t believe it is March 1st.   Almost daily, I think, where is the time going?  I never feel like I can fit it all in.   I always want it to slow down just a touch or have a couple more hours in the day.  I jokingly ask Ellie and Kate if they can please stop growing because there is a part of me that wishes they would stay little forever. I revel in their little hands and feet, their missing teeth, the pictures they draw, the things they say and the little I love you notes they write. I don’t really want these seasons to race by. By the way, for the adults who have a missing tooth, they can have dental implants downers grove il here at

For the past couple of years, we have been working with a family business consultant.  As we have moved into the 4th generation of Cheley, it remains a priority for our family business that we dot our i’s, cross our t’s and everything in between. We often touch on the seasonal aspect of our lives. In the fall we take a quick breath and get back into the routine of our non-camp life, we call our city friends back, remind them that we exist and make plans for lunch.  In the winter we think, what can we accomplish now so we are better prepared later, what can we be doing better, and what can we learn from our colleagues as we travel to conferences and educational sessions?   And then we start to see the spring approach, we sneak in a family vacation and some date nights.  We know that it passes so quickly, and we are back into the fun, non-stop, throws of summer.  And through all the seasons, we work to put together the 200 staff that will make the summer magical and enroll the amazing campers and families that so graciously come into our lives.

As camp directors, our whole professional purpose is to prepare for the summer.   It’s like a wonderfully big deadline on the horizon.  It’s Showtime.  We have three summer months to deliver the awesome experience that we promised we would.

I continue to strive to live in the moment and embrace the passing of seasons.  Hello March and Spring.  Summer here we come.  Bring it on.

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