Thinking of Cheley parents

Erika and I are getting our first taste of what our camp families go through.  Jackson, our two and a half year old son, started preschool this year for two days a week.  Many of our experiences in this process have made me think of our camp parents.

  1. This has been our first experience with all the paperwork.  (“Why do they need so many forms?  Oh wait, never mind, we also ask for this many forms.”)
  2. We have also been busy putting his name on everything that leaves the house (I am starting to consider putting him in the same clothes on school days).  And I have to be honest, we have already lost our first sweater (of course it was Erika’s favorite sweater) and broke a water bottle at school.  And it’s only been 4 days!
  3. I had no idea how hard it would be to drop him off the first few days of school.  I leave him every day to come to work but it is different when he is not at home with Grandma or our nanny, Stacie.  Both Erika and I walked out of the school on his first day very emotional.  Erika got the car and started crying (I was able to choke it back, but just barely).  I thought to myself, “he is only gone til 4:00pm, not 27 days.”  I remind myself that this is beneficial for his development as a child.  He is learning to interact with other children, how to follow the rules, how to share with other children.  He can’t necessarily learn these things at home playing with “Nana” and his little brother.
  4. During our visiting day, I was amazed that as a protective parent, I was already looking at the other children.  We realize the importance of connecting our child with other quality children from caring families.

So I want to say thank you.  Thank you to each of our families for trusting us as your partners in this parenting process.  Thank you for helping us by filling out the forms and writing your name in the clothes so we can get them back to you.  And thank you for understanding that experiences like summer camp (or preschool) help children develop into stronger young people that contribute to their community.

Let the journey continue for us all.

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