Farewell to First term

Another term has ended, and for some, concluding their final days at Cheley.  For others, it is the start of a new summer tradition.  For all, it is has been an experience that will be cherished forever.  It has been an exciting an emotional weekend with an astonishing horseshow and final banquet.  Emotions ran high as campers expressed their love for Cheley and for one another.  I have enjoyed working with your children and watching them grow.  It is impressive to see new faces establish themselves in a new environment and push themselves to new heights.  Thank you to the photographer team.

“As a new addition to the multimedia/photography team this year, I have come to know an amazing and tight-knit community of staff and campers. Every young face was new to me at the beginning of the term, and watching the progress of each group was truly rewarding for me. The young boys and girls of Cheley Camps all went through amazing journeys of growth, both personally and as groups. I watched first year campers overcome the fear of heights and horses, receiving patches and recognitions by the end of camp in areas that they never would have tried at home. Cheley pushes every youth to overcome his or her own obstacles, teaching a lesson that is deeper than the achievement itself – I often heard campers proudly exclaiming that after peaking a mountain, they knew they could accomplish whatever goals they’d been putting off at home. An added benefit to this personal growth is the ability to build a strong team, and this was seen most clearly in the final day of camp. The group dynamic here gave girls a unique bonding experience, living and working together to undertake camp as well as build each other’s self esteem. Secluded in girls’ camp, shy girls come out of their shell, singing and dancing with their friends. The same could be seen in boys’ camp, with experienced hikers and shooters sharing their knowledge with new campers and younger boys.  Groups who had never met before their month at camp shared in heartfelt singing, speeches, recognitions, and tearful hugs. Last night’s final banquets were sincerely touching, for the campers as well as the counselors and staff. I know I cried with Senior Chipeta when they sang their final song together at dinner! I heard so many people saying the same thing – I might not ever see you again, but you will change the world, like you changed my life. Thank you for sharing your children with us for the first term.”

Liz Greene- videographer

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