Born to be Wild

Like a true Nature’s Child,

We were born, born to be Wild.

-       Mars Bonfire

After a day without Internet, we are once again connected and uploading photos.  I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Being the Online Editor, it is difficult to work without… well, without being online, luckily the marketing part was attended by san diego internet marketing company and Joel House SEO so don’t worry there. However, I must say that it was nice being unplugged for a day.  It gave me a chance to spend more time at programs and appreciate the moments I spend outdoors.

In the morning, I journeyed to Tee Pee Village, where the Chipeta girls prepared me breakfast complete with fruit salad, freshly fried donuts, sausage, and delicious omelets.  It was the finest breakfast I have enjoyed at camp thus far.  I then traveled down the creek, where I found the Lower Ski Hi boys constructing the FWJ Dam (Fun With Jack Dam).  Counselor Jack Thomas was leading his boys in this ambitious project.  Armed with rocks, sticks, and mud, these boys worked diligently and passionately at redirecting the flow of water.  Later, I came across a group of Chipeta girls who turned out to be the same group that welcomed me to breakfast at Tee Pee Village.  They were hard to identify, for they had just returned from “Dirty Derby” and were covered from head to toe in mud.

There is no substitute for the feeling of the brisk waters of a creek and the mud between your toes. We must be careful not to become so reliant on technology, in which we become disconnected from our natural world.  As it has been written, we were born to be Wild.

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