Code of Living

“Character is not achieved over night or created at will or “caught” as we have been told, in the strictest sense.  As a matter of fact Character, greatly as it is to be desired, is NOT a thing in itself but a product of sanity and right living.  It is founded and maintained only by constant performance.”

- Frank H. Cheley

Last night, each unit, as well as each cabin, gathered to discuss their individual “Code of Living”, a written set of standards and values that the campers create for themselves.  This has been a tradition dating back to the era of Frank H. Cheley, founder of Cheley Colorado Camps.  Frank believed that rather than having rules provided, the campers should establish a moral code as a group that they wish to live by and aspire to, allowing them to take an active role in the development of their character.  The Ski Hi boys within the cabin of Cheyenne developed multiple values in their code of living including, Respect, Encouragement, Team Work, No Bullying, and Accepting Differences.  The Haiyaha boys were led by their CILTS (campers in leadership training) in facilitating the development of their moral code. John Burk, Assistant Director of Haiyaha, described the scene as very reverent with the campers holding a deep respect for this honored tradition.  Every camper provided input to the collective ideals that would be their Code of Living.

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