It is not about the curtains

We always get a chuckle when it’s time to explain to the pre-camp crew what their assignment is for the day.  “What? You want me to rake and redistribute these pine needles and move around these large rocks into a perfect line?”  “Really? You want us to dust every inch of this cabin?” “It’s snowing; is it going to be like this all summer?” And years later when these same people return for a visit, they tell us that working pre-camp has made them better at their jobs and taught them important life skills.

In our year-round staff meetings, we revisit our mission and our service quality structure.  We believe that it is part of our promise to our parents and campers to take pride and care in our facility.  My grandmother was a woman with a high standard, so high that no one felt like it could ever be met.  Her role at camp was about the quality of the details and her point was, “It is not about the curtains; but if you have hung the curtains right and all the light bulbs are in working order, you will also take that same care of the children that have chosen to spend their summer here”. After my grandfather had retired, he would drive around camp changing light bulbs.  This philosophy has been handed down.

We have six amazing men that work all winter to build, repair and upkeep the facility through the winter.

And now for the next couple of weeks, a wonderful crew of people will prepare the facility that is the anchor for the magic of camp.  Thank you crew, for your hard work and dedication to our mission, and we promise the snow will melt soon.

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