The Top Ten Benefits of Sending Your Child to Camp

1.Explore the outdoors – Camps foster children’s connection with the natural environment.

2. The opportunity for unstructured play – Dr. David Elkind says, ““The traditional summer camp recognizes that play is a powerful form of learning that contributes mightily to the child’s healthy physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development.”

3. Meet people from around the world – Campers are exposed to different cultures, beliefs, and personalities at camp.

4. Build Independence – Campers have the opportunity to make decisions on their own in a safe and nurturing environment thus building independence.

5. Build Confidence – Camps focus on the success of the camper which helps young adults build self-esteem.

6. Gain proficiency in a skill area – Camps offer structured training in specific skills and general life skills.

7. Parental growth – The camp experience is also a growing process for the parents.  Parents learn to let go and trust that their children will make good decisions.

8. Develop Resiliency – Camps help children learn to succeed and fail in a nurturing environment and teach them to give it another try if they don’t succeed the first time.

9. Children are in an environment built specifically for them – Camps are designed for the success of children.

10. Physical activity – Children are active at camp.  Away from technology and the couch, they are able to be active, breath fresh air, and exert themselves.

Ref: Blue Sky Fostering.

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