Give your child the summer of a lifetime!

For many campers, backpacking is one of the most rewarding activities at camp. If you've never been to a Colorado backcountry camp, we highly recommend that you give it a try. We assist campers in preparing for what's ahead. Our backpacking counselors are versed in what to bring and how to pack for a backpacking summer camp experience. They know the best-kept secret of a great backpacking trip: take what's needed and nothing more. Our counselors also guide you in packing essentials like food, tents and rain gear.  You will be prepared for a backpacking summer camp in the heart of the Rockies. 

"He who stays in the valley will never experience the view from the mountaintop." Trigger Bill

By the time you hit the trail, you're prepared and ready for a fun-filled, outdoor adventure. A pack with everything you need rests comfortably on your back.  Your Rocky Mountain backpacking camp experience is about to begin. The high country sun warms your face. Spectacular peaks and meadows of lush wildflowers surround you. Marmots and other critters forage for food among the rocks on the tundra. You pitch your tent, cook dinner on a camp stove and watch as the sun drops behind the range. Your muscles are tired and tingling but you feel completely alive. Billions of stars glow overhead. You're in the mountains with great people.  The rocky mountain backpacking camp at Cheley Camps is well worth it.  Life is good.

"Backpacking was my favorite activity at camp. It taught me how to get out of my comfort zone. It was thrilling and so rewarding to say ‘I did it’!" Tyler, Cheley camper

Backpackers go out in groups of 10-12 for two to five days backpacking at summer camp. You learn how to take care of your equipment and receive instruction in Colorado backcountry camping and survival skills. You experience incredible scenery and invigorating activity from sun-up to sundown. Best of all, you develop an appreciation for what it means to live with just the basics. Spending time in the wilderness is tremendously freeing. And each of the Colorado backpacking campers at Cheley return to camp feeling an unforgettable sense of accomplishment and a new level of independence.  

View some of our Rocky Mountain backcamping camp destinations below: 

Backpacking Summer Camp Destinations
Battle Mountain
Boulder Brook
Never Summers Range
Indian Peaks
Sandbeach Lake
Parika Lake
Michigan Lake
Fourth of July
Red Deer Lake
Thunder Lake